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Can I stick with stock 7.4 Pushrods or check for length

This is a discussion on Can I stick with stock 7.4 Pushrods or check for length within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm in the process of changing out my lifters. Since the stock Ls1 lifters are obsolete I'm going with the ...

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    Can I stick with stock 7.4 Pushrods or check for length

    I'm in the process of changing out my lifters. Since the stock Ls1 lifters are obsolete I'm going with the Ls7 lifters. The heads are being exchanged for stock 241s with new valve, springs and seats, no porting. Stock rocker arms are going back on but with the comp cams trunion upgrade.

    My first question is the LS1 lifter the same size as the LS7 lifter?

    Can I reuse my stock lifter tray that came in my engine for the LS7 lifters?

    Im assuming if the answers to these questions are yes than I would be fine using the stock pushrod length for this setup right? Since the only change is the lifters and trunion upgrade.

    I know there is a sticky on how to check for proper pushrod length but I'm hoping to avoid that, especially if I'm sticking to a stock setup.

    Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated!

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    The best thing would be to check for length with the $20 pushrod length tool from comp cams in case for some reason something is off so you aren't wasting money on pushrods that won't work. You should use ls2 lifter trays for ls7 lifters. I actually have some if you want them cheap. They are new but I switched to link bar lifters so I don't need them.

    I at one point swapped ls7 lifters and 243 heads and my pushrod length was 7.375 so the ls7 lifters do change the pushrod length. You may be able to get away with 7.4 but I would advise against not measuring it. The reason is to make sure you get the proper length.
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    Will is correct in that you should always measure pushrods length.

    There has been much debate about the the LS1 vs 7 lifters.

    According to GM the 7's are direct replacement for the 1's. So if you are reusing your stock heads and NOT milling the heads down you should be able to use 7.4" pushrods.

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