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cam and tuning question

This is a discussion on cam and tuning question within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; So I have a pretty much stock 01z28 a4, I want to go with a ms3 or 4, 3200 stall, ...

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    cam and tuning question

    So I have a pretty much stock 01z28 a4, I want to go with a ms3 or 4, 3200 stall, Diablo sport tuner, long tube headers, and the pipe. Questions are can I some how get a mail order tune for it and is this every thing

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    I would go for a lil better stall, your going to have to upgrade your springs and you can get a mail order tune if you would like, but I would say go for a dyno tune to get an exact tune.

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    Yes, You can get a mail order tune from alot of vendors, they can get your car close, but after the cam swap the mail order tune is to get the car running and do a good inspection of install, once everything is ok, No leaks, Etc.. Then you need to have the car Dyno tuned, that will bring the performance and drivability where it needs to be.
    Most vendors will do a mail order tune, and then what you pay for that will be taken off from the dyno tune, EX. if you paid 150 for the mail order tune, and the dyno tune is 450 when you take the car in they will charge you 300. Hope this helps..

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    Depending on where you are in North Carolina (well anywhere in NC) is call Frost and take your car up to Richmond VA to have him tune it.

    Since you have an a4, is recomend a 4,000 stall and ms3

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    Bigger stall. I went with a 4000PT Yank. I wasnt real sure i wanted that high but after buying it im sure glad i did go that high.

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    I would also upgrade the timing chain and oil pump since it hasn't been mentioned.

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    everyone else is hitting the mark with what they have said. suggest a larger stall for that size cam, i would also encourage a deeper set of gears if you plan to make this a more track oriented car. ported oil pump, timing chain, and upgraded valvetrain are a must as well.

    ditch the diablo tune and get a real one.

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    defintily make sure u have all the money saved up for everything including the tune. the last thing u want to do is drive it untuned except to the dyno. i went with the 233/239 and it took driving it with 2 feet for a few miles before the computer even figured out how to BARELY idle on its own. i went with the SS3600 and even with a more mild cam than u want it was on the edge of streetable. i would do the ms3 and a yank 4k stall. they make great street converters and will move the car around town with less than 2500 rpm. dual valvesprings and chromoly pushrods are a must, i would also recommend some ls7 lifters considering they are only about 120. be expexting to pay around 1300$ just for cam and supporting mods ( ported oil pump, pushrods, springs, valves seals, ls6 chain, gaskets, valve spring compressor, etc, etc)

    also i would put the tq converter in first because most have at least a 250 mile break in. u dont want to be cutting it loose on the dyno in the break in period, and u dont want to break it in with a car that barely runs

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