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Build my 383!!!!!!!

This is a discussion on Build my 383!!!!!!! within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by squee Your completely right, I have no forced induction knowledge what so ever. There isn't a Syclone ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by squee View Post
    Your completely right, I have no forced induction knowledge what so ever. There isn't a Syclone sitting in my driveway, nor is there a turbocharged Camaro sitting in it either. Wait a second...There is.

    Did I say only 600? No, I didn't. As a matter of fact, the number in question was 650, and I said a 402 with a MP122 will make well over that. I can't remember exact specs, but I saw a 402 I believe making well over 700 in fact. But see, something you probably have yet to realize is that a maggie is gonna make INSTANT torque. As in, off idle. There was a basically stock Camaro with a MP112 on Tech that made over 450 foot pounds before 3k RPMs. The curves shot pretty much STRAIGHT up. I'd be happy with 600 on my 383 and a Maggie, cause thats very conservative and will be streetable since my car is gonna be my DD. I said it once already. I don't want a 1000hp DD. Its not even practical. If you have so much FI knowledge, you would know peak numbers aren't shit. 900 isn't even impressive if you can't get it to the ground. Its pure overkill. And lastly, my age has nothing to do with anything, but if it helps ease your mind, I was just recommended for a job as a BMW tech so a maggie kit isn't gonna be shit. I could buy it right now if I wanted. All I need to do is sell my turbo.

    I'd agree, he is an ass.
    good luck with the tech postion. But wheres this so called maggie with a 402 you speak of?

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    I can't seem to find the motor again right now, but I'm gonna keep looking. It might have very well been a 427, but I'm pretty sure it was a 402 or 408. It was 400+ci and had one of the first MP122s on it in a truck. Made crazy power. Its really not that unheard of. The MP112 is more for stock cubic inch cars (I hope with a good tune and conservative boost it will be fine with my 383) and on a stock motor with no mods (not even exhaust) will make 470+. I figure with full bolt ons, cam, etc, it would be 550+ easy, and with the right head/cam maybe 575. I don't think i would be asking to much for 600 with my setup. Now, a MP 122 is a bigger blower (much bigger) and will supply alot more air to the larger motors (thats the problem with the MP112). More cubes and much more efficient blower and more boost should easily make 700 if all is right.

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