Hey all,
I am looking for the best bang for my buck on a head and cam setup for my car.

Here is my setup
stock ls1 block (and i would like to keep it that way) with just over 45k on it.
Lingenfelter polished Maggie setup with the magnacooler
3.1 pulley setup, but will be dropping that to the 2.9 pulley
Corsa exhaust
long tube headers
(currently she has reworked ls1 headers on it and a z06 cam)

I plan to still drive this on the weekends, and not really have it work hard or have to come off with a car that idles near death.

Basically I am looking to max out the power potential on the car without sacrificing the stock bottom end. She will still be running a mild upgrade clutch and still be on street tires.

Oh yeah and this isnt a money is no object type thing. I am looking to hear from people who have experience with similar type builds where they are looking for the best for the least (which I know many times in the corvette or even modification world is the definition of oxymoron).