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Best cam for a cam only bolt on car...

This is a discussion on Best cam for a cam only bolt on car... within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by ldurham Wow thanks for all the info redbird. Man I love this site, a question never goes ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldurham View Post
    Wow thanks for all the info redbird. Man I love this site, a question never goes un answered on here haha man I can't wait to do my cam now, how much hp & tq you cam only guys puttin down? And what all mods do you have done?
    I cant speak for everyone but from what I've seen a cammed m6 in the 230 duration range will throw down 400whp with a good tune on a dyno jet with around 370 tq just depends on the dyno and the cam being used. Swap a stock set of 243 heads on for another 400 bucks and you will probably be around 425-430

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    230/236, 613/613, 111'+1 here cam only. Made 401rwhp with a FAST 90/90 on a conservative Mustang dyno. My rev limiter is set at 7,000 but my shift light is set at 6,500. It's hit 7,000 a couple times. My full mod list can be seen on my F Quick page in the sig.

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    I just did a lingenfelter GT1 cam 229/242/114 .631/.631 on stock motor. I went from 331 hp to 393 hp just from the cam. I do have richmond 4:10's in the rear. PTV was close but it fit nicely. Im using stock 241 heads though. i changed the springs (whole Comp .650 lift set) push rods. +62 hp just cam aint bad.. i dont see this cam used very often but it makes some good power throughout the whole power band. here's a post with my dyno results...

    Cam update and tip.. Lingenfelter GT1 stock heads and valves

    also on a conservative mustang dyno and rev limiter set to 6400 rpm. this cam was still making power when we cut it off. after the heads intake and new exhaust i expect to see 475+ hp to the wheels..
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    I saw your tread, that is pretty impressive. I think that was the first time I heard of this cam...hell of a split on it, but looks like it gets the job done very well since most cam swaps are only in the 40+ HP gain

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