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ASA cam

This is a discussion on ASA cam within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm finally able to finish my 383 ls6. I am using the GMPP ASA cam. The machine shop that is ...

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    ASA cam

    I'm finally able to finish my 383 ls6. I am using the GMPP ASA cam. The machine shop that is assembling my engine says they degreed the cam but when I bought the cam it came with no cam card. I was under the impression that the cam was supposed to be installed "straight up" or zero degrees. Information on this cam seems to be limited. Has anyone else used this cam and if so what timing was used. Any help is greatly appreciated. I would like to think I can trust my machine shop.

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    How can they degree it without having cam specs?

    Where did you get the cam from? From what I've heard, it is used for circle track racing. Is that what you're using it for?

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    You need the cam card to degree the cam and check the timing events, and make sure the cam is ground and installed as the manufacture says it is.

    You could (theoretically) zero the degree wheel and rotate the engine to .050 lift on both sides of the lobe, jot down those numbers on the degree wheel, add together and divide by 2. That would give you the installed position of the cam, but that does you little good without the cam card to compare that number to, because you won't know if the cam is advanced, retarded, straight up, or anywhere close. Also if you wanted to advance or retard the cam, without the card you have no idea which direction to go or how much.

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