Just like the title says. Is anyone on here, from F-bodies, Corvettes to CTS-V's, running Brian Tooleys stage IV camshaft and matching springsin an LS6? (5.7 Engine)

The reason why Im asking is Im very heavily towards his combination.
The Spec's for the cam is as follows 235/242 .621"/.592" 111+3

The reason why I'm asking is becuse I'm 99% certain this is the cam I'm going to go with, the only problem is I can't find anyone who has it.
I was courious how its street manners were, driving in 6th, low end torque?

How does it sound while idleing and so on. I know this cam can be greatly affected by its tune. If you don't get it right the idle will be all over the place but when you get it spot on its perfect from what Im told.

I was hoping someone on here would have vid of a dyno pull or even just a start up and idle vid. I was also curious how the cam effected your brakes since the cam tends to pull tad lower vacuum, nothing that a vac pump could fix.

I'm running the stock 04-05 LS6 Cam (Stock LS6) in there now. This post isn't about polishing the heads, That will be later when I upgrade to AFR's.

Anyone who has this cam/spring combination either post a vid, a very good description on how it runs or PM me

Thanks everyone,
Steve Thomas