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500 rwhp

This is a discussion on 500 rwhp within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by Firebirdjones Ouch. That really limits your choices. It really needs more stall as it sits to optimize ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebirdjones View Post
    Ouch. That really limits your choices. It really needs more stall as it sits to optimize it, a larger cam is only going to multiply the issue.

    A daily driver friendly stall is really a relative term that's different for everyone. I run a 3400 with no camshaft at all in one of my 4th gens and love it, perfectly fine daily driven. With the lockup feature I never gave it a second thought, personally I wouldn't stall one any less and would actually recommend slightly higher.
    If you have a stall built for the combo (which is what I'd recommend) they can also taylor the STR which in a nutshell affects how hard it hits, and can make a difference in how well it drives around. Some drive around tighter than others but will flash where you need it.

    Frankly, and this probably isn't what you want to hear, if you want to keep the broad power band you have, don't want more stall, and probably don't want more gear either, then I'd just leave the car alone as is and enjoy it because you already have all these things. Don't get hung up on the RWHP syndrome.
    What you have should already be good for mid 11's or something close to roll bar requirement.

    If you're dead set on a camshaft, have one custom made is the best route, give AFR a call. I can tell you though, that stall is going to be a limiting factor they'll have to work around if anyone is to suggest a custom grind for it.
    How do you drive around without a camshaft in your engine? I want to know this trick for weight reduction you know . But seriously I would listen to FBJ that is some very good advise. I haven't personally experienced this but there are some guys I know that DD 4k stalls in traffic as well and they say it doesn't really drive all that different than stock.

    Quote Originally Posted by ls1camino View Post
    Email Patrick Guera (Pat G...Google is your friend) and have him make you a custom cam for your setup.
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    Im in total agreement about the cam holding me back the car pulls VERY hard off the line but tapers off at 4k rpms. i do get a free restall on my converter so..... maybe a larger stall is not totally out of the question. most of my racing is spanking obnoxious mustang drivers from redlight to redlight lol. thanks to everyone for all advice and input we will see what happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98TransAmWs-6 View Post
    How do you drive around without a camshaft in your engine? I want to know this trick for weight reduction you know . ...
    You know me, I'm sneaky about that weight reduction stuff

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    Jones confirmed what I said in my last post. A cam will get you very close to your goal porting the heads with Tony Mamo will put you at or over your mark. Also like said you're going to need a bigger stall. Even if you went with a 441 you would still need something in the 3400-3600 range to get it moving well. A 34-3600 stall can be made with a high str that will give you great streetability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebirdjones View Post
    Don't get all that hung up on dyno numbers. It's just a tuning tool but people treat it as a chest pounder. Peak numbers really don't mean much on a street car if it has nothing throughout the curve, unless you don't mind some steep rear gears to keep it happy.
    Exactly. Sometimes I think people post uncorrected numbers.

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