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5.3 and the Magic stick 3

This is a discussion on 5.3 and the Magic stick 3 within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Still waiting on tune answer so I'll ask slightly different question here. I had a MS3 (114 LSA) in my ...

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    5.3 and the Magic stick 3

    Still waiting on tune answer so I'll ask slightly different question here. I had a MS3 (114 LSA) in my Z, (4.11's, 3600 stall, tuned etc) blew the motor a while back, but cam made it out fine. Acquired a complete 5.3 for a debt recently and I'm going to go ahead and put it in the camaro until I get the GTO, and wife's Escape paid off and can afford to build my 408. The MS3 in the LS1 did fine. Slight surging at 30 mph but still plenty streetable even with the AC on at redlights, could even start the car without having to pat the throttle any, drove it to work on the weekends (100 mile round trip). What difference would I see from that combo to the same cam in the 5.3L is it going to lope more surge more etc or should it be about the same, is it going to be a die at the redlight with the AC on? Going to have to get it retuned I know to run completely right because of a few different factors, the lack of cubes and LS1 intake instead of the LS6 I had (sold it like a dumb ass back when you could still find them for less than 200). I'm not looking for bottom 12's or anything with this set up just ready to get back behind the wheel of it. 4.11's and the 3600 stall should be still fun.

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    I look at it this way....

    The MS3 isn't all that big. Duration at .050 is only 237/242 and you said it's ground on a 114 lsa.

    The engine size difference isn't all that great either. 5.7 to 5.3. It's only a difference of bore size. 346 to 327 cubes, not a huge difference.

    Or you can put it in perspective this way. GM was using camshafts with much more duration than that in the 60's. My 69 Z28 with it's little 302 came factory with a camshaft that has 254 degrees of duration @ .050 and it's also ground on a 114 lsa. Old technoligy with 23 degree heads needed alot of duration to make power, but these engines were 11:1 compression also, keep that in mind.

    With a good tune that 5.3 would be a screamer and love some rpm. Bump the compression up (mill heads??) Throw some 4.88's in there and have some fun

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    I agree^^^. Get a good tune on it and youll be fine. Youre only looking at 19 cubic inches of difference. And who ever tuned your last set up sounds like they did a good job.

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    like previosly mentioned its not a big step down in cubes, but it is a step down. if it was very streetable in your ls1 with an auto and a 3600stall you had a good tune as long as the next tune is spot on you should be fine with only minor surging and bucking but there will definitly be some with that set up. if u end up with anything other than a GOOD tune it will definitly be a pain to drive.
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    I do not know your buget, why not just get a rotating assy from a ls1; and, and bore out the 5.3L. Have a iron 5.7L with ls1 heads. Thats if they made it thru the carnage. Just my 2cents.

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