Getting a 5.3 out of a 99 or 2000 chev pu from a friend. He's putting another 1 in and said this 1 had problems. I'll pull it down to see what I'm getting into and maybe it won't be to serious. Where is the best place to buy parts, like a rebuild kit etc? May need more than rings and bearings, but I couldn't pass it up. Also, what head would well on this, milled 799? For now I'm going with a cam, springs, and haven't decided yet on carb or injection. It'll go in my 51 chev pu I'm building, down the road I'd like to do a turbo. I was thinking about doing head studs now and keeping the cr around 9.5. Any other advice on a build like this? When I get it tore down, I'll post whatever problems he's talking about.