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Haven't heard shit about sodium valves, running them on my motor. Came stock on C5 Z06's.
there is a big hooprah over at CF regarding them in the c6 Zs.

the problem is exhaust valves are breaking. Theories are that the extended amount of heat that the exhaust valves see cause them to expand and basically wear the shit out of the guides. Another theory (one i believe) is that the large majority of those owners who had problems tracked there cars at RR events. They used the oem recommend 5w-30. this is a huge no no in RR as "heavier" oil is a must. so take it as you will but i personally wouldn't be worried. If i ever run a 427 with the ls7 heads i will be upgrading the exhaust valves to a 1 piece titanium set up to match the intake.