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408 stroker build questions

This is a discussion on 408 stroker build questions within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I was wanting to build an engine for my 02 trans am. Its primarily a weekend toy that will be ...

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    408 stroker build questions

    I was wanting to build an engine for my 02 trans am. Its primarily a weekend toy that will be STRIP/street car. Its by no means a daily driver, but I would like to be able to drive her on nice sunny days around town or take her on a trip if I so chose to. I was looking at people building some 408 strokers making some crazy amounts of power for a n/a street car. Now, I am fairly new to the GM family. I was a ford guy and made the jump over. I understand their are some different ways to make a 408 out of the ls1 motor in the car. I was thinking of using a lq9 motor when I start the build. I have an lq9 sitting in the shed at this time. Should I go bigger bore, smaller stroke, smaller bore, bigger stroke, how does each option effect the size of the cam I can run, performance is going to take priority over gas mileage ease of driving. I would like it to be semi reliable however. I know the iorn Lq9 is a heavier motor however I heard that I can throw alot more spray through it because its a hell of alot stronger. Shooting for mid to low 10s at the strip, or faster if I could. I planned on spraying the shit outta this motor to 200-300 Direct port.. Any suggestions, I am open to all. I love these Fbodies. Money is not to big of an option because once I get a idea of how to go about what I want to do its going to be a project that I plan on finishing in a year....The car I bought already has a built transmission, Full exhaust, suspension mods, Fast Intake, and a cold air intake..

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    My ride is a 2002 Camaro SS SLP #3296 with 30k, LTH, 3" Y, CME, Frost tune, K&N, ported TB, Blackwing lid, Bellows, MSD, Denso Iridium, and 85mm MAF, Bilsteins, Eibach springs, SLP strut brace, Adj. Panhard, TA Girdle, UMI, Pro 5.0, Nitto NT555
    My wife has a 2004 GTO with the rare SAP, 18" wheels, K&N Cold Air System, MSD, Ported TB, Frost tune, Denso Iridium, Flowmaster cat-back, 3200 Yank, 75k

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    I had an LQ9 408 iron block a few years back. Started out as a hyd roller with stage 3 LQ9 heads and put down 500 rwhp through a TH400. Ran mid 10s before switching to solid roller. Ran low 10s and high 9s NA before I threw a rod. what size FAST intake do you have? Build it with good Callies internals, put a set of Trick Flow 235s on it with a decent cam and you'll run 10s all day long. If you want to spray that much, the motor will have to be built pretty "loose". Mine was built for a 300 shot and if I recall correctly, the ring gap was .025.

    Give me a run down of your car...transmission, suspension mods,etc.

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