So finally after a year and a couple of months my spare LT1 is at the machine shop.
I have questions about parts I am going to need for this engine combo. The builder is taking care of the bottom end parts like crank rods pistons and oil pump and my father and I are going to be putting the top end together. It is going to be a 383 with the new N/A trickflow heads. the heads have stock size combustion chambers but bigger valves and flow better. I don't know what cam is going in it yet. I figured I would call trickflow and talk to them about what cam to go with these heads. I don't plan on turning any more than 6500 rpms with this motor. I don't do tack stuff and it is going in front of a Monster A4 trans already in the car good to 500 flywheel hp. I have long tubes with no cats, a 52mm TB, CAI, cat back and egr gone.

My question is what size fuel injectors will I need to support this motor and would they be plug and play. I know the pcm will need a tune but I have heard that sometimes guys have to use an injector that requires a differant plug. the car is a 97 camaro z-28.

I also planned on replacing Opti, water pump, front O2's, having a mail order tune to get it running, sensors like temp, tps, maps, reusing the stock MAF, new oil pressure switch, new coil, plugs wires, oil low level switch, knock sensor, and replacing the radiator.

What am I forgetting?

The car has 94K on it so should I plan on changing the fuel pump as well?

Do I need to change the fuel pressure regulator or not?

Will the stock fuel rails be ok?

Is there anything else besides a stall that I will need? I will figure the stall out when I figure the cam out.

Also any input on the cam? so I know what to expect from trickflow?

Thanks guys for the help in advance