I for one actually like the Z06 camshafts for a driver car.

My wifes 2000 SS has the Vinci #062 camshaft. If you look up the specs it's almost a copy of the later model Z06 camshaft with the biggest difference being a tighter lobe sep. 112 verses 117.
With the Crane variable ratio 1.7 rockers and a set of springs this thing acts like it will run all day at 6,500 ,,, idles smooth with great power and got 27.84 MPG on a recent trip. Consistently gets 22 MPG around town and has all the power my wife needs. Traps 110 mph in third gear with a DA of 2,000 feet. Car should trap 112 mph easily with more seat time and better conditions. An easy low 12 second car with tires and it weighs 3,750 lbs. with me in it.

So ya,,,I'd say it's not a bad camshaft and it's making decent power for what it is. I don't even have the intake on it. Just headers and my own tune, thats it.