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i like the wheels. But I dont think they have enough depth to them. and you asked for a rim that would look better so I vote CCW's. Theyre expensive tho.
Since I worked at several rim shops in the past, that was one of the things that I've been going back and forth with. I had the HRE's 547's for sale before and the highest offer I received at the time was 2300(without tires which are michelin pilot sports PS2's 275/40/18's & 295/35/18's) + 125 for shipping which was $2425. I'm about to start a polling post to find out what everyone's opinions on which wheels you guys would recommend. I do want a nice lip( at least 3"s) for the rears and I can get some relatively cheap. I can get a set of 18" or 19" Ruff Racing or Stern wheels in black, but I really don't want to down grade. I'm been looking at iforged, Cor, Fikse, CCW's, Asanti, Fesler, and quite a few others. I've always been a fan of the 5 spoke or split 5 design.( I've already had some EXPENSIVE wheels on my 99 BSM Procharded and cammed WS6 which was mainly a show car even though it was also one of the faster rides here back in 02.) I ended up having to sell these because each wheel was so heavy. I've also ridden on the stock WS6 17's, Black ZR1 17x11's, Black Z06 Motorsport 18x10.5's & 17x9.5's, Foose Speedsters 19x9.5's & 19x8.5's, Foose Nitrous 18x10's & 18x8's and now these HRE 547's and a few other's. Please vote about wheel choice in my Thread. Would you sacrifice a nice looking 3 piece wheel for a one piece wheel just because of the lip? I can send them back to HRE and I may be able to upgrade to the R version(which have the deep lip). I had to send the front drivers wheel back to HRE to fix after an 84 yr old man ran a major red light at like 2:00 pm on a week day. He totaled my NBM 2000 M6 WS6 that I got at the end of 2004 when my ex wrecked my BSM Procharged WS6. It only had 17,xxx miles when I bought it and it was bone stock, but the motor was still fresh with excellent throttle response. I did the usual bolt-ons, Futral F11 w/ 112 LSA cam, and I only got to run one full bottle through it before it was hit. HRE has awesome customer service and I'd recommend them to anyone, especially if you are in the market for some wheels in the $4000-$6500 range. Instead of paying $1050 for a new one(i work at a rim shop and that's our cost), I sent it to HRE and talked with Vince. He's very easy to deal with and it's almost as if he bend over backwards for his customers. I told him about the wheel and I had to ship it to him to find out how bad the wheel was. While it was there and there a $100 charge to R & R of the rivets, I just had them refinish the face and barrel which made it look like it had just been made. After all was said and done, without even knowing) Vince had given me a 20% discount and I paid $592.00.Im finally going the ceta mod, kandy painted(matches exterior) interior accent pieces(maybe some ghost flames, skulls, etc...), and a few minor mods.


I still need to put my brand new in box Fast 92mm Intake and NW 92mm TB(I plan on getting the FAST 92mm intake ported before installed), FAST fuel rails, BMR Adj Torque arm, ASP pulley, and 42 lb inj. and a dynotune. I'm also waiting for my 92mm Nitrous Outlet Plate. I've also got to finish my installing my 860 Performance bottle warmer that mounts in the spare tire well, along with my NX remote bottle opener.

I hate to do it but: I've got a set of Trickflow Specialties (TFS) LS2 220cc assembled heads. They have about 4,000 miles on them and the guy who I bought them from(who used to be co-owner of a local performance shop, and he was one of the, if not the best, LSX tuner in this region) had two valves replace, not because there was anything wrong with them, but just because he didn't like the way they looked. If you have who I'm referring to, then you know that these heads have been gone over and inspected numerous times and they have been stored in plastic bags in a dresser drawer in my guest bedroom ever since they were purchased. I was planning on doing a LS2 402 engine build and sway, but it appears that my rear end is letting it know that it should be replaced next and I'm about to buy another house. I'm would like 2200+shipping. Contact me at badazzta@hotmail.com or 850-777-1111 if you have any further questions. I plan of taking pics tomorrow, but they're for sale local too so they may be gone before I get a chance to post them. I guarantee that there is nothing wrong with these heads, I just have too many things going on at one time. My name is Jack and you can contact me about anything you above or anything you're looking for.

I'm debating on putting some of it back in but I'm not sure I want 150+ lbs of box subs and amps. Im going to be listing them in the classifieds so if contact me if anyone is interested. I have 3 US Amps(2 MD1D's which put out 1200 watts rms and 1 MD1D which puts out 1521 watts. I've also have 3 Rockford Power Series T1 12's (T112D4), 1 Rockford Fosgate Power Series T1 15 (T115D4). And I've also got an 08 new series Kicker L7 12. All the subs and amps come in their original factory box with instructions with owners manual and all of the amps come with remote bass controllers. Everyone that knows anything about car stereo knows that Rockford, Kicker and US Amps have been around for quite a while. While some of these companies have been bought and aren't the quality as they once were, in some ways, they are much more affordable and as long as you get there higher quality series. Contact me for info on items for sale. You can either PM me, email me at badazzta@hotmail.com or call or text me at 850-777-1111. I will post info on car stereo items for sale in the classified section.

I've also got a rear hatch glass with 3rd break light from a new body style 2000 - 2005 for a Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon. There is not a single crack or anything wrong with it, I just traded mine out for an escalade rear hatch glass with third LED break light. I'm asking $300.

I've also got alot of stock side marker lamps, clear corners and a front daytime running lamp housing. I've even got a convertible motor for a 2005+ mustang that comes with pistons, hoses and the motor. These list from Ford for over $500.00. I'm letting these go for $300. Trust me, when you have a motor(headlight, convertible, window, etc...) go out. A spare one is priceless.

Again you can PM me, or contact me at badazzta@hotmail.com or call or text me 850-777-1111 if you have any questions of concerns. Thanks.