I had input from various members and staff as to whether I should do a COTY and COTM at the same time. I finally decided that a COTY poll only would work out best. It lets the COTY winner have the extra month of recognition and it'll keep a COTM winner from having to share the spotlight. It just works better. I also know there's only 4 cars this year but these guys deserve the same recognition that the cars in years to come will get. The quality of pictures entering has gone up dramatically and who knows if these guys will repeat so I'd like to give them the same opportunity everyone will have. I know this won't please everyone and there are always pro's and con's to everything. I thought about it for quite awhile before deciding on doing it this way. I think it just works out a little more fair for both winners and for these 4 cars this year.
There's also been talk about what should be voted on for COTY. I'll mostly leave it up to the individual voters. I mean you'll vote for what you like anyhow whether it's apprearance, performance, or write up based. I will say that in my opinion a COTY winner should have all of the above. It should be something that sets itself apart from the other guys.
The poll will be up until the 30th and then I'll let the winner create or add to their current page anything they'd like and I'll repost it. Good luck guys.