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I am aware that the "auto" store ripped me off for my parts and installations.

But with that said, Mike from Rapid Motor Sports (who is a sponsor here) is not a rip off artist or a joke of a mechanic. He fixed what needed to be fixed in order to make my car safe and reliable. He in no way has ripped me off for parts in any way.

As for the dealership, I didn't even go back to them with the parts. I realize I bought the car as is and thats the way it is.

I will eventually learn the little things on this car and move my way up.
Actually, Rapid Motor Sports is not currently a sponsor here, tell them to renew

The horse has been beaten enough at this point, lets get off the overcharged talk.

Congrats on getting you an fbody, I am sure you are gonna have lots of enjoyment from it