Congratulations, Spikito, on your May COTM win!

I ended up in my first Camaro merely by chance, I had always liked Camaros and Corvettes growing up, when I was 11 my neighbors got a red 98 Z28 and fell in love right away. When I was 20, I was driving a 95 Buick LeSabre, my grand dad loved it, and long story short, he bought a 95 Camaro with the 3.8 and we traded.

2 years to the day later, I got into some gravel and put my car into the curb, totaled. A year later I ended up back into another Camaro, again by chance, but this time a 2000 3.8 with a 5 speed, that really started the addiction. 6 months later I graduated college and bought my first REAL Camaro, this 2000 SS. I never raced her or put her on the Dyno, just enjoyed her as a daily driver. I couldn't help but do a few tasteful mods as listed below, I had all the parts together to do heads and cam soon, but after I submitted this picture for the poll, I had to sell her as my life priorities changed.

I want to thank everyone who participated and voted, it means a lot to win COTM on my last month of LS1 ownership

Car: 2000 Camaro SS #4612
Cloth interior

Frost tune
!AIR, EGR, skip shift
Elite engineering catch can
Volant intake
LS6 manifold
Pacesetter Stainless Headers
Texas Speed ORY
Texas Speed Rumbler exhaust with turn-downs
LS7 clutch with Tick adjustable master cylinder
Pro-5.0 with Lou's Short Stick
Offset 17X9.5 and 18X10.5 Z06 replicas with Indy 500s and BFG KDW IIs
Whistlered headlights from 6LE designs