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This is a discussion on V6 Guys within the V6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; My friend got a 2002 V6 Camaro and hes wanting it too have a deep sound to it. Im not ...

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    V6 Guys

    My friend got a 2002 V6 Camaro and hes wanting it too have a deep sound to it. Im not sure if thats possible but you guys running V6's what kinda exhaust/mufflers are yall running?

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    My buddy had a 93 v6 and he had a flowmaster welded in with black chrome tips. Looked and sounded good.

    I want to see what a 2800 fuddle stall would to the the 6'ers. A before and after 1/4 test would be awesome info.

    Only if my buddy hadn't of sold that car we would have known that, he now regrets selling it. He now drives a 96 mercury cougar with the 4.6 in it and i can't tell weather or not if it is faster. The camaro definitely looked better
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    He cant expect anything near a v8 sound but make sure he doesnt go with flowmaster. It makes v6's especially sound like crap and even restricts air flow from what i've read. Magnaflow is what I have and seems to be the best choice. Thats not just coming from me, whenever these threads get made magnaflow always prevails

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    A cam :P
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