alright, i'm really not an engine guy; mostly electronics.. i've had my camaro since this past august and all i've done to it is keep it clean, change the oil, spend too much money on gas, and dual exhaust. i need to do plugs, wires, brakes, and trans. i'm getting ceramic disc breaks, new plugs, new wires, and i need to change oil now, but i was wondering wtf is with my car when i start it. when it starts it sputters like an old hoop-d p.o.s.. now.. when i hit the gas and rev it a few times it stops. i don't know if this is going to stop when i do this tune up or what. it's really buggin the crap out of me and pissin me off. and btw, i hooked my computer up to it when it had the service engine soon light on and it said i had 3 bad oxygen sensors. i cleared them for now because it might have been just a bad mix of gas, and if it happens again i'll be buying new sensors. but anyway, i was going to class one day and there's a hill right in front of my house. as i was going up the hill, the damn thing almost came to a complete stop AS i was flooring the gas pedal trying to get it to go. i was literally going about 10 mph up a hill with the gas pedal all the way down. after i came over the hill going down the other side, it never did it again. i'm not sure what the hell is going on and i'd like to do something about it but i haven't found any real answers yet. like i said, i'm not an engine guy, all i fool with are stereos and computers. if someone out there has had this problem and would like to share useful info. please do. this kind of crap makes me want to trade it for a freakin honda.