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So I decided to just rebuild my engine, where do I

This is a discussion on So I decided to just rebuild my engine, where do I within the V6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by Firebird Phoenix So I haven't done anything to the Camaro this week as I started school, and ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebird Phoenix View Post
    So I haven't done anything to the Camaro this week as I started school, and my new job. I will hopefully get a chance Saturday & Sunday to do some work.

    One thing I want to tackle is how do I SLOWLY drain the fuel system? I made a stupid mistake of filling the Camaro up full with gas when I bought it out of habit, and would like to slowly drain the fuel into a gas can so I can't just dump the full amount. Plus I need to know how to do this since I should probably do this on the Firebird too since the fuel in it is old, and could use drained.
    The only way to do it that way is to remove the filler neck from the tank. However you'll have to break the clamp that holds the neck on the tank as it's not removeable any other way.. Then, you'll have to "punch" through the debris screen, as it's not removeable any other way...

    Best bet...
    (1) Raise and support the car on it's chassis.. (Be safe) support the rear end from under the pumpkin (center) with your jack...

    (2) Remove inner driver side rear fender well..
    (3) Remove the single (1) 10mm bolt and pull down on the filler neck..
    (4) Remove exhaust hangers.. Let the "over" axle pipe rest on the axle...
    (5) Remove BOTH panhard bar bolts.. The upper one on the passenger side may need BFH
    (6) Slightly lower the axle on the jack so you can get the top panhard bolt clear of the spring ..
    (7) Remove panhard and set aside..
    (8) RE-raise the axle (BUT NO NOT RAISE THE WHOLE CAR).. Just raise the axle slightly..
    (9) Remove the lower shock mount bolts..
    (10) Remove fuel tank strap bolts there will be 2 bolts close to the axle up in the "hump".. (look up in there)..
    (11) Swing down and out then remove the straps (by unclipping the ends)..
    (12) Let the fuel tank rest on the axle..
    (13) Carefully "SLOWLY" lower the axle untill the drivers side wire harness is "just visable".. reach in and remove the (2) piece harness plug from it's mount..
    (14) Disconnect the "quick" disconnect fuel line, return line, and breather line/s....
    (15) Continue to lower the axle keeping an eye and a hand on the tank so it does'nt fall..
    (16) STOP!
    (17) Reach in on either side of the fuel tank (plastic) firmly grasping it's sides and then slowly slide the tank down and out....
    (18) Pour the contents into a gas can or 5 gallon bucket..
    (19) IF BUCKET METHOD is used, I would NOT recommend you leave it sit in the bucket longer than the time it takes to locate a funnel to pour it into an fuel safe can with a closeable lid....

    Always helps to have an extra pair of eyes and hands too.. Above is as "if" you're doing the job solo.. Good luck!!
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