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Pontiac 2001 firebird missing o2 upstream harness

This is a discussion on Pontiac 2001 firebird missing o2 upstream harness within the V6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hi everyone, I'm wondering if you can help me, I just bought a firebird 2001 3.8, but it had a ...

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    Pontiac 2001 firebird missing o2 upstream harness

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if you can help me, I just bought a firebird 2001 3.8, but it had a swapped cat, it's showing the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light and says the catalytic converter fail.. I look under and i just find 3 sensors, 1 on the left side of the engine, the other on the right side and the final one after the catalytic coverter, I tried to look for the pre cat sensor but ther isn't any... i think it should be after de Y just before the cat, but there isn't.. but the weird thing is that I can't find the hardness for connecting the upstream o2 sensor,
    CAN anybody help by telling me where I can start looking for it or where is it connected to???

    Appreciate your help!!

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    Because no 3800-II f-body has ever had what you're talking about nor did it ever come with something like you discribed..

    You have 2 front o2's one left bank and one right bank.

    You also have ONE rear 02 AFTER the cat and that is it..

    If the cat is deleted than you are getting a code from the after cat 02 sensor..

    If the cat has recently been replaced then the code can be cleared or you can let it clear on it's own after a few startup and shut down cycles..

    A rear 02 code will not effect engine performance..

    However damaged front .02's will..

    The wire for the rear 02 is attached to the cross member with a loom..

    If it is gone there is a good chance the rear 02 was replaced with the bosch style 02 which comes with a longer wire than the factory sensor..

    IF that is the case the wire could have fallen down and been ripped off the car or melted against the exhaust and may need replaced.

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