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not trying to be mean

This is a discussion on not trying to be mean within the V6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by jerry caesar And yes if I had a Firebird espirt in my Garage I would still love ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry caesar View Post
    And yes if I had a Firebird espirt in my Garage I would still love it, know why? It would be the same reason as to why I love my T/A. Apparently you missed it in the original post. I dont care how fast it is. Youre gonna tell me that espirt wouldnt get attention going down the road? I'm sure you'd laugh about how slow it would be if we ever met at a stop light, but I apparently can't get you around that idea.

    Oh yes dont think I'd like to have a 500 HP motor in my T/A, its just not what I want that car to have. I want a v6 car to tinker with, rebuild, boost, stylize. Heck I may even start with a lt1 car, since the market is full of them now due to trade-ins....
    Why would I laugh @ anyones car , I don't care what anyone drives.

    I would also leave your TA just as it is , I'm sure it is a car tons of people would love to have.

    And if you get a car to tinker with , do yourself a favor and start with the V8 , you'd be glad you did.

    Can you tell I'm all about the power yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurley711 View Post
    Ok V6 guys here it is for you...the "List"

    WS6/TA/SS/Z28 you REALLY me YOU DO!! $10k

    $6000--Your V6 trade in value
    $1500--Your sister pimped out 3 times for $500 a pop to local junkies
    $150---Stolen $$$ from your dads wallet
    $100---4 blood donations to diff Red Cross locations in the same day
    $200---4 sperm donations to local sperm banks
    $500---Sell your PS2 and every game you own on Ebay
    $450---Fuck a hooker and than kill her and take all of her daily earnings
    $500--pimp your little sister out again to whoever takes her
    $33.07--all the change laying around your house and in your car
    $566.93--One of your kidneys......who needs 2 anyway?

    Think about guys!! Isn't the above list worth it?? Chicks will love you and your newfound V8!!
    that was pretty funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverz28camaro View Post
    some people do want a v8 over a v6 all you have to do is find them, and how about you 99 slp would you rather be in a v6
    Insurance may be an issue for some. Although, it can still be high on a v6. When I turned 17 back 99 I wanted a 98-99 Z28, but with me being 17 I knew that insurance was going to be outrageous, so I got a nice deal on a 98 v-6 with low mileage. It was a great car, and after I paid the 6 off when I turned 21, I sold the 6 and went out and got my baby, a 2001 Camaro SS. So I imagine that some folks with accidents, and lots of points on their driving record just cant afford the high insurance rates. The only reason I owned a 6 was: I loved the 98 Camaro body style(didnt really care for the 93-97), was 17 at the time. Now that Im 23 years old with clean driving record and more responsible insurance is not an issue. All in all I believe that every v-6 owner would rather have a v-8 powered F-Body.

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    silverstar. ur a dumba$$ not everyone modifys a firebird. thats prob why they drive a v6

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    keep it civil in here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camarokid View Post
    Ive never met a chick that didnt beg me to drive my 6. Truth is they dont know shit. they see Speedy sports car must be rich. no need to pop the hood. Its not about what motor you got in your car... its how you use it i bet half the people on this site would be fuckin scared to ride with me.

    you better rephrase that, not all woman are ignorant about cars, i bet my gf would put you to shame with the knowledge she has about cars
    oh and im sure that you never hit 155mph in your v6 so the only way anyone would be scared to drive with you would be if you drove your 118mph and started swerving like a retard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camarokid View Post
    one more thing I took the muffler off once and it sounded meaner than any fuckin v8 youd ever own with an exhaust. and i didnt like it, the whole fuckin car shook, some people dont like that huge fuckin rumble. I do like it, but some people dont.

    I'm thinkin about posting a pool and asking if this is the dumbest thread ever posted in the history of this website

    sorry but your a huge liar, theres no way your v6 sounded "meaner" than ANY v8 when you took the exhaust off, my brother has a v6 and with the exhaust off it sounds like a ricer on crack, and i thought the guy who made this post was a tool

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    wow how many time did you guys hit the delete key trying to spell all those words in a e mail frenzy, im not knocking anybody down if you even are lucky enough to have a car to drive and do custom mods you are ahead of the crowd.
    of coarse takeing your muffler toataly off is not a mod yea it sounds mean but has absolutly no function. straight headers off any motorized car gets me off
    shit lets go find a lawn mower!

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