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3.8 P1SC supercharger Kit on ebay (USED)

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    Exclamation 3.8 P1SC supercharger Kit on ebay (USED)

    Hey all,

    It's been a long time since Iíve been on the board and the time has come for me to sell my kit. Instead of throwing it on ebay with no warning, i thought i would give you all a heads up.

    I am going to throw this kit on ebay for a starting bid of 1800 and i will be putting a buy it now for $2780.00... NO RESERVE. My guess is that once a bid starts this kit will go about $3K because it is more than worth it so if your interested don't wait to bid... Buy it now. BUY IT NOW will include free shipping... otherwise normal shipping charges will apply.

    Item number: 180059279880

    This supercharger kit is for 2000+ V6 3.8 Series II engines on FBODYs (Firebird and Camaro) Only. This is a custom kit and you will not find it on Procharger's website. You will find the charger but not the kit.

    I have been running this kit for about 4 yrs now, and my 2000 Firebird has had no problems from having this kit on it.

    The kit is used. If youíre looking for shiny and brand new, this is not the kit for you. If youíre looking for something cheap and that works and needs a little buffing, then this is the kit for you.

    THE PICTURES WERE TAKEN WHEN THE KIT WAS BRAND NEW SO DO NOT THINK THAT THE KIT STILL LOOKS THIS SHINY. A little buffing and clean up from your part will bring it back to this.

    This kit is going to come with EVERYTHING you need to start running.

    This kit includes:

    1. P1SC Procharger

    2. Custom Bracket

    3. All necessary duct work, all metal parts are powdercoated RED to prevent rusting. Some parts may need to be repowdercoated if you put your car in shows

    4. Pressure release valve (makes the swishing sound when excess pressure is let out)

    5. Adjustable FMU (you can control how rich or lean you want to run- comes in handy if you go through four seasons of temp changes)

    6. Auto Meter Cobalt Series gauges: Boost/VAC and Fuel Pressure

    Product # 6163 and Product # 6159 on

    7. Gauge pod to hold the gauges.

    8. External Fuel Pump,

    9. Custom tensioner (will bolt on and replace the current tensioner)

    10. Longer serpentine belt.

    11. Custom intercooler (functioning but shows damage on lower right corner - car was lowered and it looks like I bumped into something pretty hard but damage has not compromised functionality of cooler)

    12. 3 cartridges of charger oil

    13. Installation instructions as well as phone numbers to Procharger and the company that built this kit.

    Kit details:

    Runs ribbed side of belt

    Has 10lb pulley and produces 6-10psi of boost

    Self contained oil so no need to tap into your oil pan

    Fully reversible (meaning this mod is a full bolt on mod and your car can be turned back to normal if you ever wish to sell it)

    Will run on STOCK 3.8 SERIES II engines 2000 and newer for FBODYS only.

    For those of you who are wondering if the it can produce more boost, I don't have a smaller pulley to provide but you can contact Procharger for a smaller pulley. I would recommend having them change the pulley. The pulley can be changed to allow for more boost if you happened to be one of those people who have modded your engine to handle lots of pressure i.e. forged pistons....etc.

    Please contact me with questions. BUY IT NOW gets free ground shipping. Auctions won by normal bidding process will have to pay $150.00 for shipping. I will only ship to US residents only.

    Please allow for 5 business days to package and delivery. Will provide tracking number once itís shipped.

    BATMAN aka Ryan

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    Sounds like a good deal. I've seen P1's support some serious power on alot of different cars. One of those coupled to a V6 car would offer alot of advantages over the Powerdyne alternative.

    Good luck selling it!

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    Why you selling it?

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