1993-2002 GM F-Body 3-Point Subframe Connector, Convertible, Bolt In
Starting at: $349.99

1993 - 2002 Chevrolet Camaro (Convertible)
1993 - 2002 Pontiac Firebird (Convertible)

Increase chassis stiffness, performance capabilities and overall drivability by adding UMI's 3-point style subframe connectors to your convertible F-Body. This set up is designed to tie the front and rear subframes together while adding additional cross-bracing throughout the center of the vehicle protecting it to its fullest. Additional bracing attaches to the tunnel area of the vehicle and is bent to follow the contours of the vehicle, this design prevents ground clearance loss. The spider web affect bracing greatly improves your car's handling ability while reducing dash rattles and quarter panel flexing. This set up is designed for autocross, road race as well as drag race set-ups and works with all UMI tunnel mounted torque arms. By connecting the front and rear subframes together this allows better weight transfer for improved traction and straighter launches. This set-up is a 100% bolt-in application and requires no cutting, drilling, welding or heat shield trimming. Kit includes high grade hardware, brackets and detailed installation instruction. Although this set-up is a bolt-in kit it can be welded at any time.

Chrome Moly Available- Chrome Moly version uses 1.500" x 0.095" 4130 Chromoly steel and is TIG welded. The Chrome Moly construction adds increased strength while reducing product weight making this item 5 lbs lighter than using mild steel. The mounting plates are machined from mild steel to allow this item to be MIG welded to the vehicle. Add $100.00


* Tightest fitting 3-point design on the market. This design keeps ground clearance issues at a minimum.
* Uses rear control arm mount for increased strength and insures proper installation.
* 3-Point spider web design attaches to six major points throughout the body for extreme chassis stiffness and handling benefits.
* Tubular design allows for a tighter fit against the vehicles under carriage.
* Bolt-In design requires no cutting, drilling or welding.
* Recommended with tunnel mounted torque arms.
* Fits with all exhaust systems.

Build Specifications:

* Constructed of 1.500 x 0.120 DOM mild steel tubing
* Additional bracing uses 1.250 x 0.095 DOM mild steel tubing
* Front mounting points feature 0.250 thick mild steel mounting plates
* Mounting plates feature precision CNC machining to insure tolerances
* MIG welded construction
* Supplied with brilliant durable powder coat finish