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Torque Arm Install

This is a discussion on Torque Arm Install within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Can someone please tell me how to install a non -adj. torque arm on a 2000 firebird. I ahvent gotten ...

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    Question Torque Arm Install

    Can someone please tell me how to install a non -adj. torque arm on a 2000 firebird. I ahvent gotten under the car to look, which isnt easy to do does the stocker come off and will a aftermarket just bolt right up to my SFC and differential. My SFC's have holes for the front torque arm mount. Is there anything special I have to do to install a aftermarket one,.....spring, suspension compression???? Whats a good Non-adj arm to get????HELP THANKS!!!

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    Torque arm does not bolt to the SFC's. It goes from the back of the trans to the rear end pumpkin right beside the driveshaft. Raise the car. Then while up under it you need to drop the trans to get to the bolts on the mount and take the clamshell apart. You have to raise the rear to let the rear drop to get the bolts on the torque arm off. I found it easier to loosely bolt the rear up first then reattach the front. Tighten the front all the way and bolt the trans back up. Then raise the rear back to ride height and torque the back down. Not that tough unless your torque arm is as heavy and bulky as my adj one was. Its not an extremely hard job but given the thicker stiffer Torque arms it will require a little persuasion. Keep plenty of jacks on hand to moove the axle or body when needed.

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    How About Some Good Info?

    Get Under Car There Are Three Front Bolts That Hold The Clam Shell On Mine Were 15mm.
    You Need To Raise The Car And Let The Rear Suspension Fall, Loosen The Rear End Bolts That Hold The Torque Arm And Then Undo The Front 3 Clamshell Bolts It Helps To Have A Few Swivels And Extensions For That Part ,there Is A Crossmember Behind The Tranny Which Makes It Easier To Install The New Torque Arm If You Remove This, It Is 4 -1/2 Inch Bolts And The Rear Two Bolts I Used A 21mm Socket And A 13/16 End Wrench For Back Up
    It Wasnt That Bad, I Did Mine In About 2 Hours By Myself

    Once It Is All Installed You Need To Set Your Pinion Angle, Which Since You Have A Non Adlustable I Dont Think You Have To Worry About That

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