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Tires scrubbling/worn out shocks - Recomendations?

This is a discussion on Tires scrubbling/worn out shocks - Recomendations? within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; I think my shocks are just worn out. The car has 120K miles and the original shocks. I removed my ...

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    Tires scrubbling/worn out shocks - Recomendations?

    I think my shocks are just worn out. The car has 120K miles and the original shocks. I removed my bump stops when I put 17x11s and 315/35R17s on the car. Originally I had no issues but recently, dips/bumps/bridges/etc at higher speeds (55+ MPH) the tires contact the inner lip of the quarter panels. It happens more on the passenger side than the driver side but it does it on both.

    I've checked all the bolts and nothing is loose. Aside from adjusting which hole my LCAs are installed in the relocation brackets, I think it's time to get shocks. Unless anyone can recommend something else I should check.

    Can anyone make a recommendation on rear shocks? I don't really care about stiff ride quality. The car is street driven but drag race set-up is my desire.

    I've looked at KYB AGX Adjustable and Koni Adjustable shocks from sponsors but I'm open to any suggestions.
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    Yep your shock are overdue I actually went back to stock suspension recently because I had worn out my bilsteins An adjustable pan hard rod will help even that scrubbing your getting but with those wide tires you should grind or roll the fender. Qa1's are popular for drag racing but they are probably a little more than the agx's. Taking out the bump stops is all bad if you ever bottom out-especially in a turn. I know it sounds white trash but if you have aftermarket springs that are tightly wound (hotchkis for one) tennis balls make a good substitute for bump stops. They don't work so well in my strano's but in the hotchkis you can put 3 in at a time and make a progressive spring out of them-don't go nuts with them but some experimentation leads to some good results.

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