First I wanted to thank everyone that helped when I was doing my front shocks and springs on my 2000 Camaro SS. I could not find the original POST.
BUTTTTTT U know who you are

Thanks again. It was great to find out that you did not need to remove any ball joints, sure made the job easier, the top shock bolt sure was a BEOTCH

Now for my current knew there was an issue........LOL

I did Eibach Pro Sport Springs and Bilstein shocks all around from SLP, a package deal. Upgraded to urethane bushings on the sway bars and end links all around too.

The SS already had S&W lower control arms in back with urethane bushings. I also added a Hotchkiss adj PHB.

Any way, the car rides tight now of course. The front seems about right and it handles the twisties pretty well. I am happy with that.

BUTT the rear just pounds my poor old back. It is almost obcene, feels like an old F350 empty or worse.

I am used to 4X4 and stiff suspensions this is bad.

SLP is blaiming the PHB..........??????????? They told me to return the adjustment to the stock location? Does this make any sense at all? Not to me, but what do i know..LOL

Any other thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Have funnnnnnnnnnn