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Sway bars

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    Thumbs down Sway bars

    Upgrade or not? What are the benefits?

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    I would suggest upgrading the front to a 35mm Strano bar, leave the rear be. The 35mm bar helps improve handling in those curves. 35mm costs a pretty penny, but I've never read a bad review on one. Me personally, I went with a 1LE 32mm bar because I got it for free. Put that on in place of the stock 30mm and I couldn't believe the diff 2mm made. It was slight, but it WAS there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 418LS1 View Post
    Upgrade or not? What are the benefits?

    Depends on what your plans are for your car...

    For the drags, larger rear sway bar is the best way to go...

    For the twisties, Hotchkis front & rear is popular, but not cheap, heavier than Sam Strano's hollow 35mm fronts and hollow 22mm rears, excellent way to go.
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    Thanks fellas. I am probably going to go with the Hotchkis now. I like the curves too much...

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    you have to ask yourself how is the present state of your car's handling.
    is it neutral, understeering, oversteering ?
    Which sway bars you have in the car ?

    From the above answers, you can tell in which direction you want to go.
    remember that swaybars aren't a thing of bigger is better... it's a balancing act of front/rear rates to have the car react as we want it to.
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    I did the Strano sway bar kit 35 front 22 rear and it is really good. From what I have all read the solid bars really are not better than hollows. I guess it's the out side of the bar that does the work and not the center.

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