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Suspension Problems, Please Help!!

This is a discussion on Suspension Problems, Please Help!! within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; This is a long post, but please take the time to read it b/c I really need someone w/suspension knowledge ...

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    Unhappy Suspension Problems, Please Help!!

    This is a long post, but please take the time to read it b/c I really need someone w/suspension knowledge to help me out!! Thanks and please reply if you know anything about what I talk about in the post...

    Ok, I have a 99 TA obviously and I have done a few things to the suspension...overall I am quite happy with it, just have a couple complaints.

    First of all my susp. mods are: Strut tower brace, BMR SFC's, BMR Springs and I'm sure that my 17"-heavy, Rebel rims have something to do with it also.

    Alright, so now the problem: When I switched out the springs it was only logical to change out the shocks/struts, however, I did so with Monroe HD's and with my car being 1.5"s lower and upping my tire size to 275's w/the Rebel offset (which I'm not sure is)....if I hit a dip, bump, or any significant imperfection in the road or go around a corner to sharply...I can feel and hear the fender scrape the tires. Now I do know that the Monroe's are for stock application and have not been modified in the least and obviously are no where near strong enough for the, with no further ado...sorry for the long explanations...

    What shocks can I use that are as cheap as possible and still eliminate my problem...ex...get rid of the rubbing???

    Also...when I turn a corner...once I pass a certain point of feels like the rear end wants to jump out from under me, but I know that the suspension should handle much more than what I'm putting on I need a panhard bar or is there something else causing this?

    Again I'm sorry for the long post, but I do have yet another question...My Subframes are weld-in, however you have to bolt them in on the rear of the car. I can hear a very loud, sharp "pop" occasionally when I hit a bump in the road, but it only occurs on the right hand rear of the car. I know for a fact that the SFC on the left hand (driver side) is bolted down tighter, but I have no idea how tight to make these things b/c they are tied into the suspension and I don't want to bind anything that needs to move. I know the logical thing to do would be to bolt up the other side tighter as well, but I was wondering could the problem be from binding already since one side is already tighter?...I only tightened that side b/c I could hear rattling sometimes and that seemed to fix it. So do I just CRANK that bolt down or is there something I am missing??

    Thank you for your patience reading this and please reply if you have any thoughts on any of these problems I presented...I am clueless when it comes to suspension!!

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    Its probably a combination of things. PHB bushings, LCA bushings and wheel offset. I am runnung BFG 285/40/17 on 9.5x17 ZR1 wheels with a 56MM offset. Nothing rubs.nothing hits. Also, if youre running short springs, you need an adjustable PHB because the axle wont be centered under the car.
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