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Steering Wheel Alignment Question

This is a discussion on Steering Wheel Alignment Question within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; I just bought a 2001 Plymouth Neon for my daughter (she just got her license) and I just noticed that ...

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    Steering Wheel Alignment Question

    I just bought a 2001 Plymouth Neon for my daughter (she just got her license) and I just noticed that the steering wheel is turned a little to the left when it is going straight. It does not pull (you can let go of the wheel on a straight away and stays perfectly straight), but the wheel is just a little to the left of center. It doesn't seem to cause a problem and she'll never notice, but it bothers me.

    Does anyone know what causes this, and how it can be fixed? Also, is it an indication of a larger problem?

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    The fix is getting an alignment.

    The cause is the last alignment the steering wheel was not centered when it was done.

    Usually it is a sign of previous damage/repair of some kind.

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    they just didn't get the steering wheel centered when they did the alignment last time.

    doesn't necessarily mean there was damage. could have been a repair on the steering parts (tie rods rack and pinion), or just routine maintenence.

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    The wheel can be straightened with should have the alignment checked though if the toe is off it wont pull it will just eat tires.If they check/ set the toe they can algin the wheel at the same time.

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