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SLP Bilstein vs. KYB Adjustible AGX

This is a discussion on SLP Bilstein vs. KYB Adjustible AGX within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Which ones do you guys recommend and why? Is there any andvantages from 4 shocks vs. 2 shocks 2 struts?...

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    SLP Bilstein vs. KYB Adjustible AGX

    Which ones do you guys recommend and why?

    Is there any andvantages from 4 shocks vs. 2 shocks 2 struts?

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    I don't have any personal experience with Bilsteins. I had KYB AGX on the Camaro. I swapped the rears out for Konis. The fronts will be swapped out at some point as well. I would just about recommend stock shocks against KYBs, wasn't impressed with them. They are a cheap alternative, and yout get what you pay for usually. Shocks are not an area I will ever "cheap" out on either.


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    So no one else likes KYB?

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    I had KYB AGX the adjustable ones and i loved them, even though i made a mistake going with sportline springs which is a disaster the car was still taking corners just the way i wanted it. The ride was not bouncy or harsh at all and my settings were 8 fronts and 7 out back if i remember correctly. I had Strano sway bars and SFC's as well and the car really handled well, my only regret was the sportline springs which made the car too low. I also had that set up for 4 years and the person who bought the car from me loved the way the car handled and it was his 3rd camaro. I admit there are better set ups out there no doubt but by what your budget allows and how your going to drive your car.

    Right now on my 01 Z i have the Bilstein shocks and Eiback Prokit springs, when i just had the shocks on my car i can barely tell that it had some sort of suspension mod till i decided one day to get underneath and check it out. It had a smooth ride and then when you throw it into a corner it was flat, it recoverd very quickly from dips and bumps which was the 1st hint i had different shocks underneath the car because the stockers suck. With the Pro Kit springs its really made a big difference and i can wait for my sway bars and SFC's . If i had to pick between the 2 i would have to say Bilstein's because you dont know there aftermarket till you start taking corners and then normal driving it rides much better then stock shocks, smooth and recovers quickly. Not saying KYB's werent that way at the right setting they were good but i couldnt tell how much better they wouldve been with better springs.
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    I have the KYB AGX Adjustable ones combined with Ground Control Adjustable coil over springs kit (Eibach springs) and i love them. The ride is so much better then the stock shocks and the car handle like a dream. They are very easy to adjust as the setting knob is located on the bottom of the shock and you can change the setting without putting the car on a lift. So far they holding very nice after 2 years on the horrible roads around NYC which is a prove for there quality in my opinion (They R made in Japan not china!). Threes better shocks you can buy (and a lot more expensive) but for there price the KYB AGX R excellent shocks to go with. Hope that help
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    1998 trans am ws6

    my mostly stock WS6 LS1 98 want to keep my springs but change F&R shocks whats the best shock for the money and where to buy them

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    The shocks I like best are Koni DA's. they feel the best, ride the best and handle the best because they are the best and are priced accordingly. I have also used the SLP Bilsteins and felt they were very good shocks but not adjustable like the Koni's. If you have the money go with Koni, if not you can get the Bilsteins for about 450.00 a set. The only time I have used KYB's were on a Nissan years ago and they were not very good. Too bouncy.
    My ride is a 2002 Camaro SS SLP #3296 with 30k, LTH, 3" Y, CME, Frost tune, K&N, ported TB, Blackwing lid, Bellows, MSD, Denso Iridium, and 85mm MAF, Bilsteins, Eibach springs, SLP strut brace, Adj. Panhard, TA Girdle, UMI, Pro 5.0, Nitto NT555
    My wife has a 2004 GTO with the rare SAP, 18" wheels, K&N Cold Air System, MSD, Ported TB, Frost tune, Denso Iridium, Flowmaster cat-back, 3200 Yank, 75k

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    If you are staying with stock springs then bilsteins would be the choice. IF you are going to lower than koni SA or the new koni str.t would be th choice.
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