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Single or double adjustable?

This is a discussion on Single or double adjustable? within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Ive been looking at control arms and panhard bars and was wondering what to go for, single or double adj.? ...

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    Single or double adjustable?

    Ive been looking at control arms and panhard bars and was wondering what to go for, single or double adj.? Also is there a big difference between the adjustments and what can these adjustments help? Its mostly a street car but I will have it to the track over the summer. I also have a Moser 9" but im not sure if that makes a difference.

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    I got the double adjustable. Both adjustments are on either end of the rod, now the crappy part is that I can't get a wrench on the passenger side to loosen the nut to adjust it. So A single adjustable "on car" is the way to go polyurethane bushings.

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    I have double adjustable on all my suspension parts except my upper control arms. Iím able to adjust everything some what easily on the car, but I also have access to a lift. On a street car there well be no big difference between single and double adjustable, but double adjustable does allow you to adjust the suspension setup to very fine tolerances. Also double adjustable having all rodend links well mean that there well be absolutely no suspension binding or deflection.
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