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SFC's on a Coupe?

This is a discussion on SFC's on a Coupe? within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; I have 1998 Z28 M6 and its a coupe. Now i know SFC's are pretty important to stop body flex ...

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    SFC's on a Coupe?

    I have 1998 Z28 M6 and its a coupe. Now i know SFC's are pretty important to stop body flex and help performance especially if your pushing alot of power. Im damn near stock. i have no internals done and only a K&N filter in the stock air box and some flowmasters. i just bought sportlines and the ls7 clutch kit for my car and its hittin the shop tomarow for install. i was just surious if SFC's are as important on the coupe? Or if the coupes are really any more rigid than a t-top?

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    yes, coupes are more rigid than a t-top car. because the roof hasn't been cut into. even so, a coupe will benefit from a set of SFCs. these are unibody cars. not full frame. so, still flexes.
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    I would suggest getting the SFC's, I have a little dimple on my car. I have T-tops but the old saying is, better safe than sorry. I'm just glad my car is pewter so the dimple is almost invisible.
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    Subframe connectors will benefit you in every aspect. The first thing is longevity of the vehicle. Most unibody vehicles will create rattles and squeaks over time as the chassis twists and flexes. You will also gain handling benefits as well as traction for straight line. Think of it this way, your suspension is only as good as the chassis it is attached to. When your chassis is flexing you will not be able to utilize the suspension geometry to its greatest potential. The first thing any vehicle should get is a good set of subframe connectors and other chassis stiffening components. This will allow you to keep your pickup points (control arm mounts and shock mounts) rigid and not flexing so your suspension will be able to work properly and not change in geometry uncontrollably. If you hit a pothole or push the car hard into a corner what do you want to move, your suspension or your chassis? You will want your suspension to move through its proper travel to keep the contact patch of the tire planted on the ground for greater control and better ride quality. You can visit our website for more info on subframe connectors or you can also email, call, or pm us with any questions you might have regarding subframe connectors or any other suspension questions.

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