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rear end alignment issues

This is a discussion on rear end alignment issues within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; I'm out of ideas... I will ask some other mods or tech team members and see if they can offer ...

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    I'm out of ideas...

    I will ask some other mods or tech team members and see if they can offer any other advice tomorrow.

    Also, please keep responses technical in nature here.


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    double adjustable means you dont have to remove part from car to do the adjustments, single adjustable you have to remove to adjust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by godless-phoenix View Post
    maybe its walking side to side some?
    Of course it walks side to side. That is inherent in the design.
    Quote Originally Posted by godless-phoenix View Post
    alignment done in june says the thrust angle is -0.2, and the alignment check yesterday says its 0.18
    The function of a panhard bar is to center the rear end. Raising or lowering the body in relation to the rear end will move the read end from left to right as the bar swings through an arc. In turn, the whole rear end pivots on the torque arm in another arc. As such your thrust angle will change as the ride height of the car changes. You can only get repeatable thrust numbers when the car's ride height relationship to the rear end is EXACTLY THE SAME as before. The thrust angle will change depending on whether you have a passenger or with an empty or full tank of gas. The alignment tech should have pointed this out, it is basic.

    Maybe your rear springs are sagging a little, maybe the previous owner removed the spring isolators [free lowering mod]. Either way, if you want to throw money at it, the adjustable PHB might be a better investment than LCA's, since if you ever lower the car you will need the PHB anyway. Unless the tires exhibit the right kind of wear (thrust wear in the same direction on both fronts), you tire wear is unrelated (The rears wore out first? Go figure). If you feel like the car dog-tracks, have a friend watch it as it goes down the road, he will be able to see it. If that is the case, there may be chassis damage or K-member alignment issues likely caused from a wreck.

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    im the 2nd owner, cars never been in a wreck either...spring iso's are still there...maybe the springs are getting tired??? well, the rear tires were more bald cause of me doing some burn outs hahaha im not planning on lowering the car, but i could change my mind later, haha...when i have the money for it, ill just get an adj. PHB, and thanks for the help

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