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Rack & Pinnon for 1995 TA

This is a discussion on Rack & Pinnon for 1995 TA within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; OK you experts out here. Have a 1995 TA with 104K miles. Want to replace the rack & pinnon along ...

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    Rack & Pinnon for 1995 TA

    OK you experts out here. Have a 1995 TA with 104K miles. Want to replace the rack & pinnon along with the pump and want to know if there are any upgrades or better ones then the stock OEM?

    Driving is normal communter and highway. Right now it does not feel tight at 65 MPH when compared to my 2005 Escape and 2001 Windstar. Looking for the steering to be firm and responsive.

    What can you guys recommend ?

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    The GM OEM one should be fine. The loosness you feel on the highway probably isn't the rack, its probably your other suspension components are worn out. Meaning control arm bushings, sway bar end links, upper and lower ball joints, strut mounts, struts, tie rods, ect. Time and miles will really take their toll on front end components, if you're looking to tighten things up you'll want to upgrade to better components with polyurethane bushings, combined with a new rack it should ride better than the car did brand new.

    I'd suggest performance struts, such as Bilsteins or Konis, a larger sway bar kit with polyurethane end links, poly control arm bushings (if the stock ones are worn) and some new ball joints and tie rod ends from GM or Moog. That should really stiffen things up in the front end and make the car ride and handle much better.

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