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Noise that I can't get rid of!!!!

This is a discussion on Noise that I can't get rid of!!!! within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Alright I have had this noise comming from my right rear for a few months now. When I'm going down ...

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    Noise that I can't get rid of!!!!

    Alright I have had this noise comming from my right rear for a few months now. When I'm going down the road its a chirping sound (Did not matter if I was going straight or turning either way), and when I put the brakes on it goes away.

    I had the wheel bearing changed and before that the rotors turned. Both times I asked if the suspension (mainly shocks) look ok and and every time the mechanic says they do. Well I have replaced the rotors and pads.

    Now the noise is only there when I turn left. Its not as bad but still there and a constant annoyance. Everytime either when the mechanic messed with it, it seemed to help but the noise was still there. I changed the rotors and pads and now its just when i turn left. Has anyone had this little noise demon? Ive put alot of money and been banging my head.

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    Make sure to lube all the caliper locations because they will move when the brakes are not applied and "chirp" because it is metal on metal. This is where the pads sit and where the caliper sits in the bracket.

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