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Need Help With Shocks

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    Yes, my car is a WS6. So your telling my that I really donít need to replace the sway bars? Well thatís a good thing!
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    I'm not saying not to replace them, only that going with something smaller isn't very practical. Take at look at the Spohn. Unless I am mistaken, they offer a 25mm rear. And I was wrong about the front. They are 32mm. Sorry about that.

    But, the ones from Spohn are chromoly. X amount of chromoly is stronger (and stiffer) than X amount of mild steel. So, unless I am mistaken, the solid chromoly bars are stronger than the the ones on your car already. Less body roll. But, with just the Konis and springs, the body roll will be less than it is currently.

    Another issue with redoing suspension is understeer and over steer. I got the 25mm rear chromoly because my car had BAD oversteer due to rear body roll in hard turn. That is, the rear liked to try to in front of me. Not a good thing. I got the sway bar and it fixed the understeer and gave me oversteer. The front end tries to break loose before the rear. But, with lower pressure in the rear tires than in the front, the oversteer is more manageble. I just ordered a set of rear Konis but I don't have the front. So... I can't wait to see what this does to it I need that WS6 bar for the front.

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