As of Jan. 2, Koni prices have increased. I have a few sets left @ the current pricing (less than 10 total), and when they are gone the prices will go up.

"4/4's"- 4th gen Sport Singles are currently $848 a set, will become $880 a set.

"4/3's"- 4th gen front, 3rd gen rear Sport Singles are now $740, will become $770.

Double Adjustable Sports are going up to $1429.

Individual shocks have increased, driving the price of the complete sets up. This is due to the rise in both oil and steel prices, both of which are used to make dampers and the fact the US dollar is weak and doesn't buy you as much as it used to.

If you are planning on getting shocks, I'd jump very, very quickly. When I sell what I have out, the price has to go up.