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I think my tcs broke something..

This is a discussion on I think my tcs broke something.. within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; so last week i forgot to turn off my tcs like i usually do when i fire it up and ...

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    I think my tcs broke something..

    so last week i forgot to turn off my tcs like i usually do when i fire it up and of course i felt like getting on it pulling out onto the highway.. vrooom- clunk -vrooom it wasnt very loud and there was no immediate effect but i had a feeling something happened. so i started speeding up to feel for any vibrations and shut down at 90mph smooth as silk but once it slowed to around 55mph there was a slight vibration in the drivetrain coming from the rear. next i steered the car back and forth and everything seemed solid so then i put my wheels in the rutted part of the road and as soon as it hit the uneven surface it started making this rattleing clunk kind of noise from the LCA area i want to say and it felt like the whole rear end was bouncing slightly and it would continue to do this for a little while after hitting bumbs in the road until it calmed down. but heres the thing, i mean im no mechanic but i spent a good hour under there looking at every bushing, mount and things that move and found nothing visibly wrong. no broken parts, no cracks, no blown bushings, no finger loose nuts and bolts. im going to double check everything tomorow cause something is definatley loose but what do you guys think it could be? anything specific i should look for? what would most likley break from the asr doing its thing? its got a set of hotchkis LCA's other than the the suspension is stock. should i take off the LCA's and do a detailed inspection?

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    bump.. some one has to have some pointers on what to check out

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    could have shifted an exhaust pipe they can meake strange noises. Had the tail pipe rust out around the clamp and rest on the axle (88 Iroc Z) only made noise going over bumps and changing speeds.

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    no its not exhaust.. I've givin up trying to pin point this, yesterday I got pretty abusive on it to see if that might help me find out wtf is wrong here, was actually kinda hoping I might break what ever it is which would pin point it quick. at one point tho i went to do a brake stand to see if anything shifts cause under acceleration the drivetrain is always tight but on de-cel and highway cruising speeds its not.. so i went to do a brake stand..and FORGOT again to turn off the tcs(I really should put a new bulb in the dash, no SES/TCS light) so I dropped the clutch and got on the gas -and it stalled right out but it felt like the rear end shifted a little bit to the right when it happened. so I think im going to order all new bushings and a new panhard since their pretty cheap anyways and see if that takes care of some of this play. if not.. damn I might as well bend over and take it to a shop I guess.

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