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How many of you guys have cleanance issues after lowering?

This is a discussion on How many of you guys have cleanance issues after lowering? within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; anyone have a lot of issues after lowering your car? i might get the eibach prokit someday and i heard ...

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    How many of you guys have cleanance issues after lowering?

    anyone have a lot of issues after lowering your car? i might get the eibach prokit someday and i heard it can drop the car 1.5"-1.75". Do you just have to be careful over speed bumps?
    1999 Trans Am M6
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    I can't express the difference that the 1.2 inch lower springs have made to my 2001 Z28. All those dead animals you used to be able to straddle now get balled up under the car if you can't swerve around them. I tried to crawl over a healthy looking speed bump and ended up folding the flange that runs along the bottom of my rocker panel. I have a friend that couldn't miss a 6 inch chunk of steel in the road and did $3000 damage.

    I don't drive the car much so I can live with the low ride. Besides, it looks cool as hail.

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    i'm ok when I had the prokit... pix in signature.
    only thing w/ lowered bike, when getting @ speedbumps, just take them @ an angle and you're fine.
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    With the set up you have advertised you dont have anything to drag..but once you get the LT's your more likely to have problems..just follow Eugenio_SS advice

    Im lowered ~2" G2 springs, and the only prolems I have are very extreme speed bumps

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    im not even that bad with the sportlines...well i take that back ive completely re adjusted the way i drive...but then again my car is stiff so i dont have to worry about spring and shock travel when i do hit a bump...learn to drive slow and avoid the low spots in the road

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    You know I have wondered for a long time what others think. I got my SS used and think the springs are stock but it looks low to me. I cant do speed bumps pot holes squirrels or dips. My area has some old style brick streets and I have to go over them carefully and even upgrades at an intersection can cause scraping. I think it sucks having to find nice roads instead of just driving a direct route. Does everyone have this problem?

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