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Having some serious issues.

This is a discussion on Having some serious issues. within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Replaced sway bar links, upper/lower ball joints, tie rod ends. New Bilsteins. Old stock springs remain, car sits 2" lower ...

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    Having some serious issues.

    Replaced sway bar links, upper/lower ball joints, tie rod ends. New Bilsteins. Old stock springs remain, car sits 2" lower left rear. New rubber sway bar bushings f/r. Car has 116k, tire pressures 30psi 275/40/17 50% tread left. alignment done 8k ago after replacing old stuff.

    Steering fine, no vibrations. I am having a "tracking" issue as in car wanting to really wander the road. So, traveling 30, 50, 65 or any speed, kind of slaloming the car on a flat smooth road to get the feel of the suspension. The front end does not dip at all, but feels wishy washy and mushy with the front and ass end all over the place. It "feels" like the center of the car is solid, but everything else is all over..If you can get my drift. Not an up and down issue per se, llike a horizontal yaw.

    I thought of replacing the rubber bushings with poly...But have not replaced anything else as maybe you guys think I should being a 116k ride.

    Other than that, there are no issues at all....No weird tire wear at all.

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    You are saying the left rear corner sits 2" lower than the rest of the car? Sounds like worn suspension parts there...or a worn or broken spring (possibly). Have you had it on a lift to check it out lately?

    The "tracking" issue could be a few things. Your last alignment 8k ago was after all those parts were installed? You might need to get that checked again. Have you hit any curbs/pot holes lately? Your tire pressure seems low (for me, anyway). What kind of tires do you have? Sounds like a weak sidewall could do the same "mushy" side-to-side feeling...or low tire pressure. Pump them up to about 40psi and see what that changes.

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    did you by any chance remove and put back the rear springs ?
    if so, verify that the isolator is on top of the spring... and well put.
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