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Handlind & Racing set up...coil overs vs koni

This is a discussion on Handlind & Racing set up...coil overs vs koni within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; I'm both a drag racer and autoXer, currently I run 275 front 315 rear Nitto 555 tires and have 3pt ...

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    Handlind & Racing set up...coil overs vs koni

    I'm both a drag racer and autoXer, currently I run 275 front 315 rear Nitto 555 tires and have 3pt sub frame connectors, a strut tower brace, and solid front and rear sway bars. I also have a decent street/race alignment.

    I like the way the car handles but I have 2 issues, for one I don't seem to have excellent traction off the line, and secondly I can't hold as much speed through corners or change directions as quickly as smaller cars.

    Can anyone make a suggestion as to what further mods might gain me the most handling increase? While improving, or at least not hindering my ability to launch.

    As a separate but related topic I am currently wondering if I should go with a coil over set up such as this: or if I should go with Konis and stay on stock springs??

    I say stock springs because I can not lower the car more than a 1/2" (I have reasons) and all aftermarket springs I see have more drop then that. Though I've wondered about the use of aftermarket springs (like the strano 1.2" lowering springs) with some kind of mounting pate that is about 3/4" thick to keep the drop from exceeding a half inch, after the install is completed.

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    Drag-racing and auto-crossing have totally different shock requirements as far as what works best.IMO, I would have to say Koni Da's with stock springs since you really need to be able to adjust both the rebound and compression dampening to do both effectively.

    I would still highly recommend talking to Sam Strano about you choices, since one way or another you're going to need to make a compromise on your wants.

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