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electronically adjusted shock settings

This is a discussion on electronically adjusted shock settings within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Anyone ever heard of a kit that will allow you to adjust the shock settings from sitting in the drivers ...

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    electronically adjusted shock settings

    Anyone ever heard of a kit that will allow you to adjust the shock settings from sitting in the drivers seat?

    That would be a really cool feature... I can imagine a four way digital control pad that would allow me to adjust the shock settings individually on all four corners of the car.

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    Cadillacs have them but I think the cost would be outrageous to adapt them to an Fbody.Plus, they are high maintenance.
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    yeah, I"m sure it would be cost prohibitive... just thinking of what I can spend the $50.00 on that my aunt Jinnie gave me for X-mas.

    I bet with a few electric solenoids and some American ingenuity, someone could mock that up. Then if the electronics should fail, you could always keep the manual adjusting knob on the valve itself, just won't be able to adjust from the drivers seat anymore.

    I would like to cruise around on a stiff ride and then pull up to a light and invariably get challanged by some idiot next to me in a ricer import and then drop the settings in the rear to very soft and launch really hard on him. My problem (like many) to much power to the rear wheels. I just spin.

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    Which Caddy's have that option?

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    Dont some vettes have it as well?

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    Here's two other cars that have what your talking about:

    Lamborghini Murciélago
    With electronically adjustable controlled dampers and hydraulic lifting system.

    Lamborghini Diablo
    With electronically adjustable controlled dampers and hydraulic lifting system.

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    the vette, its a magnetic ride system. the fluid in the shocks contain a metal antibody, when current is applied to the fluid the fluid thickens and the shock stiffens. the ride sucked though, but was neat....

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    that's pretty trick system... sounds rather elaborate and EXPENSIVE if the shocks need to be replaced! I was just thinking of a HAL QA1 or Koni adjustable shocks with a geared solenoid for the adjuster knob on the shock itself. Then when current is applied and depending on the direction you want the adjuster knob to go (stiffer ride, vs. softer) the geared solenoid would turn the adjuster valve on the shock itself, thus setting the damper rate. But hey, if GM wants NASA to get involved and inject liquid metal into the shock body then go American ingenuity!

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