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Edelbrock Package

This is a discussion on Edelbrock Package within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Does anyone have this setup? Is it a huge upgrade from stock SS? I have a 2000 SS...

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    Edelbrock Package

    Does anyone have this setup? Is it a huge upgrade from stock SS? I have a 2000 SS...

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    hmmm never seen that kit before. just looking at it quickly, i definitely would not even consider buying it though. not many people run the edelbrock shocks, but the people who do seem to be happy with them. that's about the only positive thing about it other than the panhard bar. their adjustable torque arm is known to be weak, so don't count on it to hold up under a lot of power. okay for stock and mildly upgraded cars, but not something you need right away and if you wanna go fast you'll want something else. we don't have upper trailing arms, and the trailing arm braces won't fit our cars. the eibach springs don't state drop or spring rates, so it's really hard to comment on how they'll be. and finally, the lca's that includes have poly on both sides, which i'm definitely against if you're looking for handling

    overall, the only things i'd even take from there are maybe the shocks and the panhard bar. are you looking for a kit to avoid piecing it together yourself? there's one other sponsor that offers kits but i'm not a very big fan of them. otherwise, what are your goals and budget? little more info on what the car is used for (drag/autox/dd) and some people will be able to help you on picking out a really nice setup.

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    The Edelbrock IAS front shock/spring combo and rear IAS shocks are good but, I'd go with UMI for everything else.

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    +1 for UMI suspension

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    The Eibach springs are prolly the WORST for these cars so no way... Search or give me a pm and I will give you my opinion. I did a lot of resaerch and had 2 modded 4th gens with suspension mods before this one so maybe I can help.... FWIW I now run Koni/Strano springs/bars with rod ended UMI PHB...

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    I have the Eldebrock shocks front and rear. I got them because of the adjustability of the fronts. They came factory preset with a 1 inch drop. They were scraping to much for my taste so I lifted them up 3/4. The instructions to raise or lower the spring on the shock are crap. There is no tool made by eldebrock to turn the lower spring nut, so I went to harbor fright and got a spanner wrench tool set. You compress the spring to raise the car and visa versa. 7 turns on the lower nut compressed it enough to get me my 3/4 inch raise. If you turn the lower nut the whole shock wants to spin so I used a rubber strap tool that looks like a oil filter remover to hold the upper part of the shock while I turned the nut. I put new moog cargo springs in the rear with the heater hose mod, even with the mod the ride height was about the same. The shocks front and rear are just a tad bit stiff for my taste but overall I am satisfied with them on my daily driver. And I also have some BMR sway bars so I had to change the front links from the stock 2 7/8 to 2 5/8 or otherwise the sway bar ends touched the bottom of the shock. On my first install the right shock blew the seal and leaked all the pressurized oil out after a week on the car. Summit took care of the warranty exchange no problem (yea)
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