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Camaro Suspension Upgrades

This is a discussion on Camaro Suspension Upgrades within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; OK, with my recent thread concerning shocks...I have begun to think that the first thing I want to mod on ...

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    Camaro Suspension Upgrades

    OK, with my recent thread concerning shocks...I have begun to think that the first thing I want to mod on my car is suspension. As crazy as it sounds, I am currently content with the power my car has (for now anyway) and I feel that its handling characteristics should be the first thing I look into. So, I would like to start planning out what mods I should do to my suspension, steering, and braking systems.

    First off, I have minimal knowledge of suspension. I have spent most of my time learning about engines and electrical systems (mainly on my '69 Camaro) and have yet to do any exploration into suspension. But, I think that my 2002 Camaro presents an interesting option to explore this unknown area of cars for me.

    So, I think I just need to start off with the general question...what mods have people found to be the best upgrades for Camaro's suspension, steering, and braking?

    I'm already planning on switching completely over to Koni shocks and installing weld in sub-frame connectors as well as a strut tower brace (I don't know what brands of connectors or brace yet). I have already installed a new set of tires and gone with factory size Goodyear F1 All-Seasons.

    This car is mainly a street car but it will see some drag strip time every so often. For now, this is also my daily driver and will be for the next few years. I'm looking to install quality parts and plan on doing it over a longer period of time as budget allows. I believe in waiting a little longer and saving a little more to buy the better component rather than doing it now (unless something is broken and I need to fix it and can't wait). My main concern is to improve overall handling and traction. I would also like to consider upgrading the brakes.

    One thing I want to keep in mind though, I want to keep the stock ride height and profile. I really like how the car sits as it is.

    My car is a 2002 Camaro SS LE M6 SLP car but did not come with the SLP suspension upgrades. At the moment, the car is completely stock with the exception of a cat back exhaust which is a series 80 Flowmaster.

    I would be interested in hearing any thoughts about what mods I should consider or what mods I shouldn't. Like I said, I want to being planning out this car so any input at all will be appreciated.


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    Get this ans you will not have to do anything else suspension wise.

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    if that is too high budget wise, just get the Koni's, keep stock springs, you can lower the car by ~3/4" due to 2 perch location on the koni shocks... maybe a 35or 36mm front sway bar and be done w/ it.
    Best thing is to call Sam @ strano's.
    be patient if it takes long to get a call back... his mom passed away last week.
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