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Bruce Griggs “Performance Facts” Chassis

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    Bruce Griggs “Performance Facts” Chassis

    John George ( and Modern Mustang Performance Presents:
    Bruce Griggs “Performance Facts” Chassis Seminar
    Dispelling the Myths of High-Powered Rear-Drive Chassis Dynamics

    Bruce Griggs has over 40 years experience in motorsports, racing, building and modifying
    cars that win. His engineering experience and the cars and parts he produces have netted
    many victories and championships in a variety of racing venues from SCCA, and NASA to
    USAC and NASCAR, as well as daily drivers that ride better than stock yet handle as well as
    the best race cars.
    Although a Road Racing Mustang specialist of late, the subjects he will
    discuss applies to all forms of rear drive chassis performance.
    Mr. Griggs will present a primer on vehicle dynamics, and concisely explain why his cars
    work so well. Admission is $35.00 in advance, and $50.00 at the door. However it is free to
    the dealers and owners of GR40 Mustangs. No literature will be supplied. It is
    recommended that you take notes if you wish to learn the subject well enough to benefit from
    it. The seminar should consume 3 to 4 hours, depending on questions and resulting

    Preliminary Discussion:
    1. General discussion / Chassis stiffening methods. How much is enough?
    2. Sprung Mass, Free Body Defined
    3. Tire Construction, Slip Angles and Applied Camber
    Break for Questions
    Volume 1 Geometry and Design:
    1. Roll centers, axes, and locations. Where should they be?
    2. Anti squat and migration how much is enough?
    3. Roll center and migration. How to control?
    4. Anti dive. How much is enough?
    5. Anti Lift. How much is enough?
    Break for Questions

    6. Ackerman What is it? How much is enough?
    7. Camber pattern and track change
    8. Spring rates and wheel rates, progression/digression
    9. Roll / Anti-roll
    10. Roll couple
    11. Roll couple distribution
    12. Ride height, importance of. What should it be?
    13. Caster vs. Kingpin inclination
    14. Steering loading vs. Caster/Kingpin inclination. The importance of corner entry
    Break for Questions followed by 30 min Break for Refreshments
    Answer questions after break.

    Volume 2 Suspension Dynamics
    1. Spring rates, discussion on roll couple distribution vs. compliance
    2. Anti-roll bar design considerations and effects on roll rates and corner segment.
    3. Damping, definitions. Critical Dampening vs. Spring Frequencies. High speed and low
    speed damping characteristics
    4. Affects of Front Rebound
    5. Affects of Front Compression
    6. Affects of Rear Rebound
    7. Affects of Rear Compression
    8. Mountings/Friction/Thermal Characteristics.
    Break for Questions

    Volume 3 Chassis Loading Variables and there effect on design.
    1. Engine Torque TorqueArms, 3 links, 4 links, 5 links, Solid axles vs. IRS. Why the debate?
    2. Brake Torque, Camber change, balance, temperature curves, trail braking, left foot braking
    3. Over center linkage loadings
    4. Transitional loading, and its effects on, slip angles. Understeer/Oversteer and drivability
    5. Banking and its effect on roll centers and roll couple
    Break for Questions

    Volume 4 Tuning the Chassis without data acquisition. When do I adjust what?
    1. Ride heights
    2. Springs rates, spring splits, progressive spring rates
    3. Bars
    4. Corner weights
    5. Tire pressures
    6. Brake effects on chassis tuning
    7. Power effects on chassis tuning
    8. Typical tuning examples
    Questions, Conclude

    When: December 10, 2005 @ 11:00 am CST
    Where: Modern Mustang Performance
    2016 Keller Springs Rd. Suite 126
    Carrollton, Texas 75006
    To register for this event:
    Phone: 214-876-5254

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    Are they taping this? It would be if it was offered in DVD.
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    Takes balls to be posting on F-body site, ya think? The guy's got it ass-backwards too - F-body owners free, FORD owners always pay! Besides, what does a FORD guy know about high-powered cars????

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