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Body roll and High speed...

This is a discussion on Body roll and High speed... within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Whats the best way to improve the body roll characteristics around turns? Should I look into new springs, shocks, or ...

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    Body roll and High speed...

    Whats the best way to improve the body roll characteristics around turns? Should I look into new springs, shocks, or sway bars?

    I know they all help But which has the most profound effect on body roll?

    Also, which will help tighten me up on the highway at high speeds?

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    All 3 effect body roll. Springs and bar effect how much, shocks deal with how fast it's generated. Frankly, I tell most everyone that you start with shocks because they are the worst thing on the car from GM. Aside from slowing the roll and pitch rate which many folks mistake for actually rolling less (which is a good thing), the ride quality, and probably more importantly the stability of the car @ speed improves.
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    and if you use the car more as a daily driver, i'd recommend increasing the swaybar and not too much the spring rate, because you'll get the same effect on cornering, and maintain a softer spring rate for added confort on normal driving.
    but shocks are what make the most difference in stability, handling and confort
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