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Bilstein BTS System?

This is a discussion on Bilstein BTS System? within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Does anyone use or recommend this system? What about the PSS? (Adjustable Ride Height)...

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    BlackHawk T/A

    Bilstein BTS System?

    Does anyone use or recommend this system?

    What about the PSS? (Adjustable Ride Height)

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    BlackHawk T/A
    Nevermind...words from the man himself:

    Originally posted by Sam Strano
    The BTS kit is a marketing ploy. It's not a great kit. I've had a number of customers I gained who had that kit (bought elsewhere) and ended up calling me for various reasons. Some didn't like the ride, some didn't like the lack of control, and some didn't like the ride height. And the majority of them had issues with 2 or more of the above....
    The springs are pretty low, and VERY progressive (which while marketed are a good thing, most of the time isn't due to the spring rates radical changes that the shocks can't account for). The shocks are not special, but just a set of HD's. And the Bilstein Catalog itself says that lowered cars should not use HD's since they are not suitable.
    The BTS kit is cheap, but you get what you pay for. What you are paying for are springs that aren't very good designs and strange rates, and standard Bilstein HD's not meant for lowering springs. This is Bilstein's effort to make a "package", unfortuntely they copped out and just slapped something together. And Bilstein does not make springs.... They are just painted and put in as part of the kit.
    There are a lot of options out there to lower the car. Some good, some bad, some really bad. This one is not good. Expect to pay more for the setups that are good, because they require better dampers that cost more money. Springs are all around the same price, but there too you generally get what you pay for. The cheaper springs are pretty much always the hugely progressive rates and do not have the R&D behind them for proper spring rates to have been chosen.
    In the end just remember this. Shocks are spring dampers. If you run a stiffer or shorter spring, you need a shock that deals with that. If you run a spring that changes rate depending on stroke, you can't really deal with that effectively, so you need a shock that will handle the springs heaviest rating. Not many of the shocks available can do that well enough. There are some, but Bilstein HD's, Tokico's, KYB's and some others are not in that group. Koni, Revalved Bilstein's, and in *some cases* SLP Bilstein's are.
    You are asking about a Bilstein BTS kit. I have them for sale, but do not recommend them. I have them for about $650. Here's why I don't like them:

    1. It's not really a "tuned setup" despite the name. The shocks are the same standard Bilstein HD's I sell for $329. Add a set of springs for a few hundred bucks and you are still cheaper than the kit

    2. The springs are hugely progressive, and lower the car a lot more than 1". And again the shocks are not tuned for higher rate springs like My Revalves or SLP's shocks are.

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