I recently bought UMI suspension parts: 3-pt. SFC's and adjustable panhard bar. Excellent quality and fit, and I give them an Awesome rating. The car came with BMR non adjustable LCA's and those look to be nice and I also bought a used BMR drivehaft safety loop, which is nice as well. UMI does not yet sell just a driveshaft safety loop, but in talking to them they will have one out this year. I got a good deal and did not want to wait so I bought the BMR driveshaft safety loop.
For springs and sway bars, I would definitely recommend Strano. You can buy parts from Sam @ Strano or from UMI as they sell each other's parts. From my research BMR and Spohn are more tailored to drag strip performance. UMI has options for both, and I have been very impressed with their customer service. I spoke to UMI a few times and they always took as much time as I wanted and asked questions about what I wanted my car to do. I recommed giving UMI or Strano a call, to discuss your individual needs and make an informed opinion about what is best for you and your car. For your needs BMR or Spohn may be your preference and that is o.k., because it is your car. Remember, opinions are like noses everyone has one. Take Care.